Map of the Oberneustadt quarter in Kassel
Map of the Oberneustadt quarter in Kassel The map shows the Oberneustadt quarter, which was built on top of the former city fortifications, with Strasse Bellevue (today Schöne Aussicht) bordering the Karlsaue. It was built in the eighteenth century for the Huguenots who had fled from France and were granted not only asylum by Landgrave Karl, but also economic support, freedom of religion, and the right to speak their own language. The male population of the Landgraviate of Hessen-Kassel was exhausted by the Thirty Years' War and was in desperate need of craftsmen and master builders. The huguenots were very welcome, and one of them was the captain in the engineers and master builder Paul du Ry, who built the Prinz-Georg-Palais and Prinzess-Garten (today the cenotaph, or war memorial, for the fallen soldiers of WW I and WW II). Both his son and grandson held the office of the court's highest master builder and built, among other things, the Fridericianum and Schloß Wilhelmshöhe. (Source: Public Domain)