Palais Bellevue, 1742
Palais Bellevue, 1742 The palais Bellevue was built by the Huguenot master builder Paul du Ry. It is located on Schöne Aussicht (formerly called Bellevue) above the Karlsaue. According to the wishes of Landgrave Karl, the Palais was equipped with a state-of-the-art observatory. During the eighteenth century, between the Thirty Years' War and the Seven Years' War, the connection between baroque landscape architecture and ballistics and military perspective was written into the city planning of Kassel. This culture of sight lines, panoramas, and alignment, or, in short, this culture of the view is transported from the battlefield into the gardens of France and, with Paul du Ry, into Kassel. This is nicely illustrated in the picture of General Tilly looking out over the city of Hann Münden. Today the Palais Bellevue houses the Grimm Museum.