Trail A trail is a path that comes into existence out of necessity or convenience. It takes shape through repeated use and can be seen as an optimization. A trail can also be an adjustment to an official route if the official pathway differs to much from the aimed destination. Rubble. Rubble is broken stone of irregular size shape and texture. It is debris, scattered remains of something destroyed. The German word Trümmer comes from the word trumm or drum which means piece or end and drümen or drumen which means to break into pieces. A Trümmerberg, a rubble mountain is a mountain or a slope made of rubble. After WW II Trümmerberge were piled up in most German cities. For BUGA 1955 the slope between Schöne Aussicht and Auepark was restored and remodelled using rubble and debris from WW II. The rubble was covered with soil and planted with trees and other plants. Onomatopoeia. An onomatopoeia is a word imitating or describing a sound like animal sounds or machine sounds. They differ across languages. While the onomatopoeia of a dog in German would be "wau-wau" it is "woof-woof" in English and "wang-wang" in Chinese.